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Delivery and Shipping

Education Master delivers products and services to fulfill requirements of the users of its web portal. Our endeavour would be to serve in the best possible way through our products and services.  Hence, we want to have regular feedback from our clientele. While we take all care to design and develop our products and services to meet the requirement of our users, if anything is left out as per the individual requirements of any user, he/she can contact us through e-mail to info@educationmaster.org within two working days of the receipt of the product or services.


Our services are based on application or service you have selected or order according to your individual and collective requirements. While we strive to dispatch all our products and services within a time frame, unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control could delay the delivery. If your requirement is of urgent nature, we suggest you contact us and discuss with us your needs first to make sure that the product or service will be available in time for your required date before your order is placed.


We dispatch the print copy of Education Master by ordinary post. But if you choose your copy to be sent by any other mode – registered post or courier, you need to send us an email advising us on the method of dispatch of your choice. A cheque or Demand Draft  amounting to the actual shipping charges will have to be sent to Education Master at the address given on the site before we dispatch your copy.



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