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Important Tips for Personality Development


There has been so much emphasis on these two words these days is that there is a mad rush for personality development in even small towns and cities. In fact, institutes and centers offering crash courses in personality development are mushrooming everywhere. Yet no one has a fair idea as to what is personality development is all about.

Let’s first understand what the word personality denotes. There are people who think personality simply means looking attractive. They are sadly mistaken. In fact, personality is a vast term that implies the physical as well as the mental state of an individual. At times even mannerism is considered a part of personality.

While personality is inherent in the persona of each individual, it can be refined and polished with sustained efforts. Cultivation of good personal traits and habits go a long way in boosting your image in the eyes of others. Your overall personality plays a vital role in determining your success in life. But enrollment for personality development programmes alone won’t help in achieving the desired objective. These institutes have no magic wand to transform you into a different persona devoid of flaws. They simply teach you how to manipulate yourself and bring out the good which you can do by yourself as well with a little guidance.

A few tips can help you develop your personality within a few days. The following are the important tips that can of enormous help to you in developing your personality.



Self-realisation is the first step towards building your personality. Questions such as who you are and your aims and objective in life will help you an idea about how to modify your existing personality.

You need to assess both positive and negative aspects of your personality to find out what is lacking in you before you set out on building a positive personality. You may have good communication skills, you may be honest and hardworking, all these positive traits are nothing if you can’t overcome your negative attitude. Negative traits of your personality may be that you are short tempered or may panic easily or can’t speak out in a group. You should have a fair idea of all these positives and negatives of your persona before venturing to develop a positive personality.


No comparison

Each one of us has strengths and weaknesses of one’s own. One cannot be best at everything. But be assured, you are different from the rest. You have your own set of abilities, improve upon them. Don’t let the thought of someone is great at a think you are not good at take the better of your judgment.

Since no one in this world is perfect, some are better at something, while others are good at other things. Hence there is no point comparing with each other. Have self-confidence and cultivate self-respect, you will be able to build a personality of your own different from the rest.


Positive attitude is the precondition to achieve anything in life. Don’t let negativity get on your nerves. So what if you are unable to do things that you want to. What a big deal if there is a situation you are unhappy about. Concentrate on positive aspects of life, where you were praised and proved successful. Don’t let the momentary setbacks in your life defeat you. Yoiur positive attitude will always stand you in good stead. A positive approach is a must to complete a task at hand. A person with positive attitude is in high demand both in professional and personal life. It makes you friendly and cheerful which reflects on your personality.


Be courteous

Personality is also about how you present yourself. It is about how through positive vibes you invoke positivity in others. A pleasing attitude will do wonders in your relationship with others. You are always welcome wherever you go. Always be humble and courteous with others. Greet everybody with a smile on your face and reciprocate each one’s greetings. Help others and try to be available to them in their hour of need. This way you can become dependable for them and thereby win their trust. Courtesy is a trait that boosts your overall personality in the imagination of others.


Body language

How you sit, walk, talk and behave with others etc. constitute your overall personality and not just the way you dress up. Your body language reflects your positive attitude to life and hence leaves a lasting impact on others. Your body language may prove an asset for your personality. Walk upright, do not droop or be extra rigid, have a relaxed posture and tone when others speak. Be a good listener and do not get involved with the surroundings while you listen to others. Good body language reflects confident in you.



It cannot be denied that a good physique is very important for personality development. Good physical attributes are an important part of your personality. It gives a positive impression about you – that you are well organised person, take care of yourself and your health. It says a lot about you. Exercising and staying fit to develop your personality ensure a good your physique.


Communication skill

Your speech is a very vital aspect of your personality. If you speak better you create a positive impression on others. Not just high sounding words and phrases, but your ideas about life matter the most. However, the words you use in your speech and writing are very important in sending out positive signals to others. Use simple but decent language that is understood by all in your all communications. While speaking in a group, see to it that your words are not offending or agitating. Choose the timing of your speech meticulously and judiciously as when to speak is more important than what to speak.


Dress sense  

While personality is not all about how you dress up yourself, yet your dress sense does matter when you want to make an impact on others. Your attire is definitely one of the most important aspects of your personality, even if not the most important. Dress up in a decent and professional manner. Neatly ironed and stainless formal clothes create a good impression on the onlookers about your personal aesthetics. To develop a good personality a great sense of dressing is very important.



Self-confidence is the most important element of a good personality. Be confident of whatever you do. Unless you are convinced by what you do, you can’t convince others about is acceptability. Your self-confidence reassures others about your abilities to carry forward the responsibilities entrusted in you. Believe in yourself and read success stories of other people inspire confidence in you.