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Important Tips To Prepare A Resume

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While applying for a job candidates need to be careful about the content of his/her resume or curriculum vitae. Personal resume makes or mars your chances of being considered for the job on offer. It is an important document that showcases your persona and hence creates the first impression about you before you come face-to-face in front of your prospective employer in a formal interview.

An ideal resume should serve as a mirror image of you as a person and reflect your overall personality to help the recruiter in determining whether you are fit for the job he is offering. So, write the resume in a proper format to include all the required details that a recruiter would like to read. (more…)

Simple But Effective Tips To Make Job Interview A Success?


Once you receive call for job interview, start preparing for it in right earnest with total dedication. Mind it, for an interview to be successful what matters is your confidence. Have faith in yourself, you will come out in flying colours and the job is yours.

Here we give you an overview of how to face a job interview along with some important tips and strategies for effective interviewing from preparation through follow up. (more…)

Dress To Succeed For A Job Interview

Dress To Succeed For A Job Interview

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Most of us underestimate the role of dress in an interview which provides an opportunity to make first impression on your potential employer. While it would be an exaggeration to say that dress will make or mar your chances, nonetheless, the outfits you wear at the time of the interview not only boost your chances of selection but also leave an indelible mark about you on your prospective employers.

Mind it, how you dress reflects your overall persona. Hence, choose the outfit for the D-Day judiciously. Your first impression will prove the last. (more…)