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Govt Approves Establishment Of 14 New IIITs

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Here is good news for all those aspiring to pursue a career in information technology. The government has approved the proposal to establish 14 new Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT) in different states. ,

The decision was taken during the winter recent session of Parliament.

In a written reply to the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor said, “Under the approved scheme of setting up 20 IIITs on a not-for-profit public-private partnership, the central government has given approval for establishment in 14 states”.

Following the proposal, the new IIITs would be launched in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Tripura.

According to the scheme, the state governments will provide 50 to 100 acres of land free of cost to set up the IIITs.

How To Select Right Institution For Study?

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Before going for an institute or college for study, keep certain points in mind that would help you in making the right choice. Don’t go by hearsay, research about the prospective institution yourself to know which is best for you.  Make an informed decision, your entire career, in fact your future, hinges on your choice of institution now.

A recognised certificate/degree and an approved course is the primary requirement for recruitment in both public and private sector. Therefore, you need to ensure that the institution and the course you are looking for should be duly recognised.

Unfortunately, all the certificates or degrees on offer from sundry institutions are not recognized. Nor all courses are approved by the relevant regulatory authority and hence won’t guarantee a job for you.  A college/institute should be affiliated to a recognised university if it is not a deemed university itself.

All the professional courses, be it engineering, medical or education related, an institute offers should also be approved by relevant regulatory authorities.  While AICTE gives approval for engineering, management, architecture, computer education, hotel management related courses; MCI is responsible for approval of medicine related courses. DCI gives approval for Dental courses, NCI for nursing courses, NCTE for eduction (e.g. B.Ed., M.Ed.), ICAI for accountancy related courses and ICWAI for Cost and works Accountancy while a deemed university must be recognised by UGC (University Grant Commission).

Credibility of an institution hinges on its accreditation by an accreditation body. While universities and colleges are accreditated by National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) accreditates, engineering and management related courses are accreditated by National Board of Accredatation (NBA).

Since approval and accreditation of an institution is valid for a particular time period,an institution should obtain renewal for courses from time to time.

Many institutions offer certificates and degrees which are recognised or approved by any organisation. Acceptability of such certificate or degree is on the basis of the reputation of institution itself.


Rankings in various groups and categories of institutions will give you a fair idea about an institution and its acceptability in the light of past performance. Compare institutions on the basis of their rankings of the last few years. You will be able to spot the right institution.


In order to ascertain the institute you are looking forward to join is the right choice, check out the following details.

The institution has enough area to carry out all the academic and practical activities, its classrooms, science and computer labs are well equipped. It provides proper library, canteen and playground facilities to its students. The institution has a power backup system, emergency handling system. While some of these facilities are basic, others are add-ons. Add-ons can be compromised but not the basics.

Make sure the fee charged by the institution is consistent with the overall facilities on offer.  A comparative study of various institutes, the facilities they offer and the fee they charge will be enough to guide you in taking the right decision.


Quality of teaching staff is very important to gauge the ability of an institution to stand up to the expectation of students. Be it regular or visiting, an institution is judged by the merit of the faculty. Before selecting an institution, make sure the staff there is qualified and experienced enough to stand up to your expectation. Consult students currently enrolled with the institution or log on to the institution’s website to check bio-data of faculty members including head of organisation.


Many institutions promise placement facility. Ensure that the institute really provides placements facilities to its students and it is not mere a ploy boost admission record. Check out if any campus interviews are held on a regular basis. If yes, how many students got placements through this campus placement service and to which companies? Assess the institute’s placement records of the last few years. It’s better if you talk to old student who are gainfully employed through campus placement.

Important Tips To Prepare A Resume

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While applying for a job candidates need to be careful about the content of his/her resume or curriculum vitae. Personal resume makes or mars your chances of being considered for the job on offer. It is an important document that showcases your persona and hence creates the first impression about you before you come face-to-face in front of your prospective employer in a formal interview.

An ideal resume should serve as a mirror image of you as a person and reflect your overall personality to help the recruiter in determining whether you are fit for the job he is offering. So, write the resume in a proper format to include all the required details that a recruiter would like to read. (more…)

Simple But Effective Tips To Make Job Interview A Success?


Once you receive call for job interview, start preparing for it in right earnest with total dedication. Mind it, for an interview to be successful what matters is your confidence. Have faith in yourself, you will come out in flying colours and the job is yours.

Here we give you an overview of how to face a job interview along with some important tips and strategies for effective interviewing from preparation through follow up. (more…)

Dress To Succeed For A Job Interview

Dress To Succeed For A Job Interview

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Most of us underestimate the role of dress in an interview which provides an opportunity to make first impression on your potential employer. While it would be an exaggeration to say that dress will make or mar your chances, nonetheless, the outfits you wear at the time of the interview not only boost your chances of selection but also leave an indelible mark about you on your prospective employers.

Mind it, how you dress reflects your overall persona. Hence, choose the outfit for the D-Day judiciously. Your first impression will prove the last. (more…)

Tips To Crack Class XII PCM

For those appearing for Class 12th exams with PCM subjects it may sound a diabolic experience. Here are a few useful tips for the last minute preparation:


The subject is divided into three chapters, Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

In chemistry paper, p-block elements carry maximum marks. Hence, students need to give first priority to p-block elements to ensure good score, while keeping numerical of physical chemistry for the last. It will fetch a maximum of only 12 marks.

Besides, reasoning questions should not be missed. They add up to your score.

Examinee can score up to 28 marks from the second book of organics. The order of priority should be Nomenclature, Conceptual reasoning like radius, strength, polar solvents et al, reactions like the Friedel crafts reaction, Hoffmann reaction etc.

Around 30 marks are dedicated to the theory part of the examination. The questions under this segment need to be attempted with ease by judiciously utilising the time at hand and understanding the basics.


Like Chemistry, Physics is divided into three major parts – Classical Physics, Optics & Waves and Modern Physics.

The chapter on Optics carries 14 marks while the numerical part 20 marks.

The first book in this segment is based on theory. It encompasses classical physics with major chapters dedicated to magnetism. It consumes lot of time for which the examinee has to be prepared in advance.

Any question in physics can be posed in three different ways – Theory, Concept and Numerical. Derivations, reasoning etc. can arise as theory.  Conceptual based questions can be asked from electrostatics & magnetism etc., and last but not the least Numerical.

First list all the important derivations before you contemplate on the concept behind them. This way you will be able solve the theory as well as the conceptual part of the question and there by dwell on the numerical part.

Similarly, you can make a list of formulae covered in the subject to solve the numerical part before preparing a list of sample questions based on those formulae. This way you can attempt all the three parts of the problem.

Be at ease while attempting to solve questions under the Modern Physics part. This segment covers Atoms, Nuclei, Communication Systems and Semiconductors. Since it requires much less time, you will have ample time to solve each question.


Like Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics too is divided into three major parts – Numbers,

Under this segment, a major portion is that of Calculus. Calculus carries 44 marks to add up to your total scores.

Vectors is the most important chapter in this segment that carries 17 marks while Matrices and Determinants 13 marks.

For Calculus, you need to contemplate on the basics with formulae. While attempting questions in this segment bear in mind that you have to list all the formulae with an example for each.

You are given 15 minutes additional time to evolve a strategy before attempting to solve the papers.  Utilise these 15 minutes judiciously to score maximum possible marks.

TCS Initiative To Revamp Curriculum Is In The Right Direction

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Of late, there has been an increasing realisation in the country that all is not well in higher education system. Year after year the system produces graduates and post graduates but the quality of education seems to be far from satisfactory. What is intriguing is that we never tire of boasting our higher education system, while the industry remains skeptical about the employability quotient of the pass outs.
Under these circumstances, the initiative of software major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to come up with a model of curriculum for higher education syllabus is a step in the right direction. Through the new curriculum Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) promises to help educational institutions bring out quality students in line with the expectations of industry.
“The company has been working out the specifics of the model over the last 18 months under my guidance to impart a change in curriculum in an effort to revamp the higher education syllabus to enable educational institutions roll out quality students in line with expectations of industry,” N Chandrasekaran, MD and CEO of TCS said.
N Chandrasekaran was speaking after receiving the award for the ‘most distinguished alumnus’ of NIT-Trichy. When asked if his company was likely to put up a software or delivery facility in the city, he said, “TCS could consider putting up a delivery facility here as and when required.”
A thorough overhaul of the curriculum is long overdue. While there is a realization for the same in political circles about the need for new approach to higher education, none has so far taken the proverbial first step to take the bull by the horns. Against this backdrop, the software giant’s initiative is a welcome move. At least there is someone out there who wants to free the system from the mess it is in today.
At a time when the credibility of the system itself is at stake, the administration should take a cue from the TCS move and does something to redeem the education system before it is too late especially.

UGC Directs Universities To Exclude Animal Dissection From Course Curriculum


Incensed by non-compliance of its guidelines for blanket ban on animal dissection, the University Grants Commission (UGC) recently sent a letter to all the affiliated universities reminding them about its two-year-old guidelines. The letter deplored the educational institutions for

Despite strict the guidelines, universities continued with the practice.

Seeking discontinuation from the animal dissection and experimentation in zoology and life science courses, the apex body to regulate for higher education had released a set of guidelines in November 2011. The guidelines had recommended that animal dissection and experimentation for university and college zoology and life sciences courses should be phased out.

The guidelines had also suggested replacement of animal dissection with use books, models and films instead for the same. (more…)