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Month-Long Certificate Course From CSE


The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) will conduct a certificate course of one month on the issue of survival from June 2 to 30 2014 at its New Delhi centre. The total seats on offer for the course are 25. College students from any stream and young professionals can apply by sending their updated CV including a brief covering note.

Ecological rights and natural resource management, poverty and the biomass economy, land and its use: agriculture, food security, conservation and conflict: wildlife management debate, urban growth challenges: water and waste management, air pollution and mobility, sustainable industrialization and public health concerns, climate change and global environmental governance are the topics for the month-long course which aims at providing the students an overview of the state of environment in India..

The Summer Certificate Course will provide the participants an opportunity to address the issues that lie at the interface between environment and development, poverty, democracy, equity and justice, said Sharmila Sinha, deputy programme manager of education and training in CSE.

A seven-day visit to the Himalayas besides and visits within ambit of Delhi are included in the course curriculum. Classroom lectures, case study, presentations and discussions are the teaching methodology during the course.

During the course, participants will get to examine policy-makers and activists, attend lectures by academics, lawyers, grassroots activists and members of CSE’s research and advocacy teams besides experts from the field who will be guest lecturers and faculty from CSE.

Certificate Courses from C-DAT


Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAT) carries out R&D in the field of Information Technology (IT), electronics and associated areas under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT).

Here we are listing some of the certificate courses on offer from C-DAT for the benefit of our users:

Certificate in Computer Basics & Multilingual Technology

Code of the Course: CCB&MT

Duration (Part time): 1.5 Months

Computer fundamentals are at the core of this programme.  Besides, it introduces applications for multilingual word processing which is of enormous advantages in the Internet. The course is useful for those who are interested in understanding the computer and its day-to-day utility, and also those who have had no previous exposure to computers.

Content of the Course

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Components of a Computer
  • Introduction to Operating System
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Word Processing using iLEAP
  • Networking
  • Internet


Certificate in Office Automation (Multilingual)

Code of the course: CMOA

Duration (Part time): 3 Months

If you are looking for an in-depth training on the world’s most popular packages and how they can be integrated using GIST Technology, this is the right course for you. It will also help you learn how to automate and optimise the office administration.

Marketing executives, accounts personnel, doctors, lawyers and other professionals who wish to improve their overall productivity by understanding Office 2000 and its innovative features, with an additional facility to utilize the Indian language interface of GIST Technology!

Content of the Course

  • Importance of Word Processing under Windows
  • Manual process v/s Electronic process
  • Advantages of Windows based Word Processing
  • Packages available under Windows for Indian languages
  • MS Word 2000 using ISM
  • MS Excel 2000 using ISM
  • MS PowerPoint using ISM
  • LEAP Office



Certificate in Visual Basic 6.0

Code of the Course: CVB

Duration (Part time): 3 months

The course is meant for acquiring skills to develop database applications through ActiveX and Microsoft Jet Engine, and debug & build help files. Join the course to train yourself to build MDI applications, invoke Windows API or external DLLS and improve database or Web applications without being lengthy.

The course is useful for software developers, analysts, application developers, technical managers, or students interested in using Visual Basic to develop database applications, and wanting to prototype, build and /or integrate Windows-based applications using Visual Basic 6.0.

Content of the Course

  • Getting familiar with VB Environment
  • Visual Basic Programming
  • Event handling
  • Working with controls
  • Drag drop in VB
  • MDI in VB
  • Debugging Visual Basic code
  • Objects Oriented approaches in VB
  • Data Access Object
  • Data controls
  • RDO and ADO
  • Crystal reports
  • Creating and using ActiveX control
  • Dynamic Link Libraries
  • ActiveX exe and DLLs
  • Activex documents
  • VB Script
  • Using ASP page


Certificate in Oracle 8I

Code of the Course: COR

Duration (Part time): 3 months

Join the course for a comprehensive introduction to use Oracle’s SQL for database access, covering data manipulation and transaction management concepts.

The course is meant for those who are interested in working with SQL in Oracle or other relational database products, including application developers, programmers, database administrators and managers. For doing the course, you need not have previous database experience.

Contents of the course

  • Introduction to Database Concepts
  • Starting SQL*PLUS
  • Querying databases
  • Joining Tables & Subqueries
  • DDL commands
  • Other database objects
  • SQL *reports
  • Creating partitioned tables
  • Large objects
  • PL/SQL
  • Cursors and Exception handling
  • Subprogram in PL/SQL
  • Abstract data types
  • Nested tables and Varrays
  • Tuning SQL
  • Introduction to Oracle DBA
  • Oracle 8i overview



Certificate in LEAP Office

Code of the Course: CLO

Duration (Part time): 1 week

Join this course for an in-depth training in the use of the LEAP Office package on the Windows platform. It is helpful in learning word processing in Indian languages and enables typing of letters and sending of e-mail & fax messages in various languages. The course gives tremendous advantage to computer beginners and home users.

Contents of the course

Importance of Word Processing under Windows

  • LEAP Office
  • Advanced Functions in LEAP Office
  • An introduction to Indian Language Keyboard
  • Driver (ISM-Soft)