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About us

about us

Education Master aims to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas experiences among educationists, teachers, students and others working for educational advancement in order to maximize the benefit to students.


To meet this mission statement, we focus on two main areas.


Education News: Collecting, Promoting and Propagating all relevant news to keep the mass connected with information that is critical and are of beneficial to the education professionals and institutions/organization connected with education and students.


Student Development: Being the leading magazine for aspiring students and the education professional alike. It provides news and analysis and what is happening in the field of education sector across the country and the world at large.


It also acts as a forum for exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience among educational professionals and student community.


Education Master e-bulletin is an email newsletter for subscribers only which provides special education/ admission guidance and preparatory material for various competitive exams like Civil Services, Banks, and other National level exams.


Education Master Archive” gives Education Master subscribers access to all past issues of Education Master, as available as of now, in addition to receiving, regular email alerts/updates whenever new contents is published. to subscribe.


We have also launched our “Latest from Education Master” blog because we want to be in touch with our readers more frequently and to bring to you items of headline-making news on education and issues of concern to the student community and readers’ responses to previous articles.


As a part of our commitment to furthering the cause of advancement in Education, Education Master provides free electronic subscriptions to people in many regions in the country. These are education professionals, teachers, government institutes and other private institutes. to find out more and sign up to receive the free bulletin. Hauptursache für den kritischen zustand des deutschen waldes sind jedoch die einwirkung von luftschadstoffen, wie schauen Sie sich weitere Infos an es stickstoffoxide und schwefeldioxide sind.


Education Master is beneficial to Students of School to University levels and the education professionals of all nature alike, as it offers practical advice and valuable information on a broad range of topics covering


  • Admission to institutes of higher/ professional courses
  • Preparation for Competitive Exams (Information, Study Materials, Advice, etc. )
  • Examination Tips from experts
  • Career Planning
  • Personality Development (Interviews, Tips and tricks)
  • Job Opportunities
  • Resume Writing and other related matters which will be of interest and use to aspiring candidates
  • Scholarships
  • And other news and educational resources relevant to higher education.


Education Master has been published since 2009 by SMCI India Limited.
Editor-in-chief: R. A. Chaudhary
Publisher: Anil Goyal